Operating Guidelines

shutterstock 35151181Operating Guidelines for the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) Working Group

The activities of the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment Working Group are governed by the Arctic Council Working Group Common Operating Guidelines.

1. PAME Mandate

The Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) Working Group was established by the Arctic Council Ministers in Nuuk, Greenland in September 1993. PAME provides a unique forum for collaboration on a wide range of activities directed towards protection of the Arctic marine environment. PAME’s mandate is to address policy and other measures related to the protection of the Arctic marine and coastal environment from both land and sea-based activities. These measures include coordinated strategic plans as well as developing programs, assessments and guidelines, intended to complement or supplement efforts and existing arrangements for the conservation and sustainable use of the Arctic marine environment.

2. Chair and Vice-Chair

The PAME WG Chair and Vice-Chair shall serve for a period of two years. For both positions, the term can be extended if so decided by the PAME Heads of Delegation (HoDs).

3. Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary promotes the activities and outputs of PAME, and assists project leads with coordination of project implementation, amongst other duties.

4. Project Development and Management

shutterstock 28206610Development of new projects is based on ministerial mandates and the prioritization of ongoing activities. All new projects being proposed for the PAME Work Plan need to have confirmed lead(s), consistent with the Arctic Council Rules of Procedure, and a project work plan. A project plan is developed and annexed to the PAME Work Plan, per approval of the PAME HoDs.

PAME project leads are responsible for advancing the project in accordance with the project’s work plan and timeline. Expert groups and/or expert workshops are used in an effort to advance the work of its projects in a targeted manner.

See the Arctic Council Working Group Common Operating Guidelines for more details on project descriptions.

Here you will find documentation relevant to the operation and structure of the PAME Working Group. The PAME Program is guided by the Arctic Marine Strategic Plan and biennial Work Plans, which are developed by the PAMEWorking Group for approval by the Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials.

PAME's Operating Guidelines

Operating Guidelines

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Arctic Council Rules of Procedures


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Salekhard Declaration


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Arctic Marine Strategic Plan


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1996 PAME Report


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