EA Documents and Reports

This page contains various reports and documents from PAME and the Arctic Council on EA in the Arctic, including PAME’s EA Concept paper, workshop reports, progress reports and other related documents.

        EA Concept Paper (2014)

EA Concept Paper   

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EA Brochure (2016)

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ICES/PAME Working Group on Integrated Ecosystem Assessment for the Central Arctic Ocean (WGICA)

Screen Shot 2018 02 19 at 11.28.00The ICES/PAME Working Group on Integrated Ecosystem Assessment for the Central Arctic Ocean (WGICA) held its inaugural meeting at ICES Headquarters, Copenhagen, Denmark, from 24 to 26 May 2016. The group recognized the important contributions made by the 2015 Workshop for the Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) of the Central Arctic Ocean (CAO), which concluded that the purpose of an IEA for the central Arctic Ocean was twofold: 1) provide a holistic and integrated view on the status, trends and pressures, and 2) contribute to implementation of the ecosystem approach to management of the central Arctic Ocean. The geographical scope of an IEA should include the central Arctic Ocean Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) and the relevant adjacent slope and shelf regions.

Meeting reports from WGICA can be accessed here.

EA conference forsidaEA International Conference

The first EA International Conference was held in Fairbanks, Alaska in August 2016. Titled EA: Status Of Implementation in the Arctic, the conference brought together over 100 experts and practitioners to examine the scientific, policy and indigenous understandings and experience of the ecosystem approach to management in the eighteen Large Marine Ecosystems of the Arctic and corresponding terrestrial areas.

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Click here to access the Conference website - download abstracts and see other information from the conference.

Workshop reports




  6th Ecosystem Approach to Management Workshop Report.
9.-11th of May, 2018
Seattle, USA


5th Ecosystem Approach to Management Workshop Report.
26.-27th of May, 2015
Bergen, Norway


Implementing Recommendations for Ecosystem-Based Management in the Arctic
1. December, 2014
Trondheim, Norway



EA Workshop Report 4th EA June 16 183rd EA Workshop Report 10-11 June 2013 copyEA Workshop Report 22-23 March 20121
4th Ecosystem Approach to                         3rd Ecosystem to Approach to                     2nd Ecosystem Approach to
Management Workshop Report.                 Management Workshop Report.                 Management Workshop Report.
June 16-18, 2014                                               June 10-11, 2013                                               March 22-23, 2012
Vancouver, Canada                                        Reykjavík, Iceland                                              Stockholm, Sweden
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ToR for EA Group of Experts 2011 20131

Terms of Reference and Workplan 2011-2013 for the PAME-led Group of EA Experts

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 SDWG/PAME Best Practices in Ecosystem-based  Management in the Arctic (BePOMAR) 2009

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Progress Reports

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