The MEMA Project

shutterstock 39422158Meaningful Engagement of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Marine Activities (MEMA) is a cross-cutting oil & gas and shipping project which will compile and analyze existing documents and summarize their main aspects, principles, and processes for engagement of indigenous peoples and local communities.

The project will cover all Arctic marine and coastal activities, including shipping, offshore oil and gas activities, coastal infrastructure development, and research and management activities. The information to be compiled will come from Arctic Council documents and reports, national legal regimes and guidance of Arctic states, guidelines and declarations from communities and indigenous organizations, international instruments, and guidance from industry, NGO’s and other stakeholders.

Main activities include:
  • Finding and Compiling Information
  • Documenting Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • Workshop on Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • Narrative Report

MEMA Part I forsida FINALMEMA Report Part I: Arctic Council and Indigenous Engagement - A Review (2017)
The Permanent Participants, who represent Arctic Indigenous Peoples, are a unique feature of the Arctic Council and are recognized for making valuable contributions to Arctic Council activities. In accordance with the founding Declaration of the Arctic Council, the category of Permanent Participation was created to provide for active participation and full consultation in connection with the Council’s negotiations and decisions and this principle applies to all meetings and activities of the Arctic Council.

Engagement of Indigenous Peoples in Arctic activities is of paramount importance and concern to the Arctic Council. Mechanisms and processes for this engagement, for the Council and its Member States, have been developed over the last two decades and are embodied in Ministerial Declarations and published guidance and recommendations of the Council.

A review of many Arctic Council documents, focusing only on recommendations, guidance, and policy statements, has revealed 272 individual recommendations and statements from 18 Arctic Council reports and 11 declarations. This Part I Report and supporting compilation of recommendations and Ministerial Declarations of the Arctic Council on engagement of Indigenous Peoples and local communities is the first time all of these disparate recommendations and statements have been brought together in one place.

These compiled recommendations are presented to the Arctic Council as a reflection of its commitment to involve and partner with the Permanent Participants and Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic in its work and products. The report is offered as a summary for Arctic Council members to reference as a reminder of their stated guidance and advice for how to engage and involve the Permanent Participants, and Arctic indigenous peoples they represent, in the business conducted by its Working Groups, Task Forces, and Expert Groups.

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MEMA forsidaMeaningful Engagement of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Marine Activities (2019)
For the Part II report, the project team’s analysis focused on hundreds of documents related to the engagement of Indigenous peoples and local communities. These came from the Arctic Council, Indigenous peoples and local communities, industry and government. Several nonendorsed analytical background documents and a workshop report supported the development of this Part II report, too.

This report also features the wisdom of five guest authors who have much experience in meaningful engagement with Indigenous peoples and local communities. Their views and project proponent perspectives drive home the essence of building trust with community members and conducting meaningful engagement.

The audience for this Part II report includes the Arctic Council, governments, Indigenous peoples and local communities, industry, non-governmental organizations and researchers.

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and Local Communities in Marine Activities