Arctic Marine Strategic Plan 2015-2025

The Arctic Council’s Arctic Marine Strategic Plan 2015-2025 (AMSP) provides a framework to guide its actions to protect Arctic marine and coastal ecosystems and to promote sustainable development. 

AMSP front SmallThe AMSP articulates how the Arctic Council can increase its understanding of the impacts of human activities, climate change and ocean acidification. The AMSP recognizes the importance of acquiring a better understanding of Arctic change so that actions can be taken that allow Arctic inhabitants, including Arctic indigenous peoples to further adapt to the change. The strategic actions identified in the AMSP will guide the work of the Arctic Council and its subsidiary bodies in the coming decade.

The AMSP 2015-2025 was approved in April 2015 at the 9th ministerial meeting in Iqaluit, Canada.

The goals of the 2015-2025 Arctic Marine Strategic Plan are to:

  • Goal 1: Improve knowledge of the Arctic marine environment, and continue to monitor and assess current and future impacts on Arctic marine ecosystems.
  • Goal 2: Conserve and protect ecosystem function and marine biodiversity to enhance resilience and the provision of ecosystem services.
  • Goal 3: Promote safe and sustainable use of the marine environment, taking into account cumulative environmental impacts.
  • Goal 4: Enhance the economic, social and cultural well-being of Arctic inhabitants, including Arctic indigenous peoples and strengthen their capacity to adapt to changes in the Arctic marine environment.
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   AMSP - Implementation Plan       AMSP - Communication Plan   
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The aim of the Implementation Plan for the AMSP 2015-2025 forty strategic actions is to provide a structured approach that tracks follow-up activities (new and ongoing) over the next 10 years among the Arctic Council working groups with overall guidance from the SAOs. The 2015 Arctic Marine Strategic Plan calls for the development of a communication plan to support the understanding and involvement in the implementation of the Strategic plan.
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Arctic Marine Strategic Plan 2005-2015

AMSP PDFThe Arctic Marine Strategic Plan (AMSP) was endorsed by Arctic Council Ministers in November 2004. The Arctic Council's vision for the Arctic marine environment is:

"A healthy and productive Arctic Ocean and coasts that support environmental, economic and sociocultural values for current and future generations."

The goals of this Strategic Plan were:

  • Reduce and prevent pollution in the Arctic marine environment
  • Conserve Arctic marine biodiversity and ecosystem functions
  • Promote the health and prosperity of all Arctic inhabitants
  • Advance sustainable Arctic marine resource use
The environmental, economic and socio-cultural changes occurring in the Arctic today are primarily driven by two key factors: climate change and increasing economic activity. The 29 strategic actions in the AMSP were selected according to its goals, principles and approaches, taking into consideration the current and emerging situation affecting the Arctic marine environment, its ecological integrity and the social, cultural, economic and physical well-being of its peoples.

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