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Arctic Marine Tourism
This is the online repository for PAME's Arctic Marine Tourism Project (2019-2021). This project has compiled and analysed information about passenger vessels from 2013-2019. Data has been filtered and organized and presented in the form of this online repository of information, available for use by all. A key component of AMTP 2021, this repository includes a range of detailed Excel sheets as well as accompanying maps that can be further manipulated for desired ends (e.g. trend analysis). 

The information is for three areas, the Arctic Polar Code area, the Icelandic EEZ and the Faroe Islands EEZ.

This repository contains:
 - Excel spreadsheets with a list of ships and information on each ship entering the area 2013-2019 (total and monthly aggregated)
 - Maps from the Arctic Marine Tourism 2021 Report, and more maps then contained in the report
 - Graphics from the Arctic Marine Tourism 2021 Report

All information and data is free for use by all.

Please cite PAME: Arctic Marine Tourism Project if information is used.